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I registered shopify so I can avail the affiliate marketing. And can you please outline how I can link my website to shopify. I have an online links in my website for viewers to click and shop. I just need to link how the commision payment be activated based your principles of affiliate marketing. My website is



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Noel Jereza


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Hi @Najereza,


This is Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app.


Congratulations on registering for the Shopify affiliate program! Here are the steps you can follow to link your website to Shopify and start earning commission through the affiliate program:


  1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to the "Affiliates" section.
  2. Generate your unique affiliate tracking link or select a banner from the marketing assets available in the "Affiliates" section.
  3. Copy the tracking link or banner code provided by Shopify.
  4. Paste the tracking link or banner code on your website where you want to promote Shopify products.
  5. Encourage your audience to click on the link or banner and make a purchase on Shopify.
  6. When someone clicks on your affiliate link or banner and makes a purchase on Shopify, you'll earn a commission on the sale.


To ensure that you receive commission for any sales made through your affiliate links, it's important that you use the tracking link or banner provided by Shopify. This will ensure that the sales are properly tracked and attributed to you.


It's also a good idea to disclose to your audience that you're using affiliate links to promote Shopify products. This will help build trust with your audience and ensure that you're following ethical and legal guidelines for affiliate marketing.


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Best Regards,
Richard | PageFly Team

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