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hey, i am looking on how to advertise. I need some advice on what kind of ads would be good for my store and where I should advertise. I've tried Facebook and Instagram ads and promotions buy still no sales. I've spent about $30 on ads and its not really helping. Please give me some advice for how to market and make my store get its first sale! 


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Hey There,

I think the main thing is finding whats working and selling that. I usually try to find products on Ali express that have at least 3000 orders if possible and are making lots of sales.

The second thing is to research your competition and see who else is selling. Lots of competition means theres money to be made. Find 5-10 competitors and look at their web design, price point, marketing strategy, etc. and base your store off of that.

Finally I'd recommend using Instagram influencers first before FB ads. find pages that are highly related to your product with followings between 100K-300K because it's cheaper and will give you the best results. Look at things like engagement and comments to verify if the page is legitimate and try to negotiate with them.

I actually recently made a video breaking down my strategy that goes more in depth if you want to check it out.

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I can share you some of my experiences:

1. Please try to make your best store first, customer will not buy your item if they dont trust you. I am seeing your store is a bit simple. You need improve it.

2. You need find your correct audience, to do that have no correct way, just try to test and think about your audience. When you make a test, just do an ad at $5 - $10, dont spend too much. If your ad is pasing the limit and no result, remove it and test again with another idea (another ad).

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I checked out your store, its quite ok but I think you can improve the store in-order to convince visitors. I hope you installed Google Analytics. If not install Google Analytics and activate e-commerce tracking.

After that create a sales funnel, this will allow you to track your visitors journey through your webste funnel and see which pages they drop-off and how long they stay on specific pages. This will enable you to know which pages and points to optimize on your website. Sometimes the ad might be working fine its just that your website is not closing the deal like a salesperson.

Convincing Your Customers

Use badges to promote trust. Your visitors will need to trust you inorder to buy from you. It helps to put your visitors at ease when buying from you. One security badge you can use is the Shopify security badge here is a guide to help you set it up. You can also use the Mcafe Secure Badge.

Use product reviews to convince visitors to buy from you. Product reviews gives your store social proof and will help you turn your vsitors into customers. One way to collect reviews is to use Kudobuzz social reviews to collect and display social and verifiable reviews. It will also improve your SEO by adding Micro-data to your store, this will make your reviews show up in Google search.

Use quality images to make your products come alive. As humans we like to see and touch products before buying. Touch cannot be implemented online hence you will have to leverage on quality images to help make your products come to live. Use contextual images of people wearing or using your product. Use multiple images showing different angles anddetails. Follow this guide to learn how to use images to increase conversions.

Other tricks includes using previous and new prices, discounts and free shiping.




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okay thank you very much!