Advice Request: Consolidate 4 eCommerce stores into 1 store - SEO/Page Impact?

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Hello Ecommerce Expert,


I hope you are well. I am looking to consolidate 4 ecommerce domains I have in godaddy into 1 domain by doing godaddy dns forwarding of 3 domains into 1 domain. These 4 domains contain same product and descriptions for 95% of products and hosted by Shopify.


Other than domain name being different, the rest of breadcrumb such as is the same between all 4 domains. The main motivation is to reduce cost and hopefully reduce duplicate contents between 4 sites. These 4 stores are in 4 Shopify accounts and I hope to consolidate to 1 Shopify account / fee.


1. Will the godaddy domain dns forwarding impact negatively in google ranking on all or any of 4 domains?


2. Is doing domain dns forwarding is the best way to maintain ranking? I cringed at the idea of needing to put in thousands of product complete path one at a time. Or is there other way?


Please kindly share your thoughts. Thank you for your time and help in advance.

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