AdWords clicks and no conversions

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So I've had AdWords running for a couple weeks now. I have a remarketing campaign and three search campaigns themed with some product categories on my store.

I've tried to have the search campaigns linked as closely with purchase intent keywords as possible. So even if they don't bring a lot of traffic, those sessions that they do bring should have a higher chance of converting. The issue I'm having is that none of them have brought conversions, and they've cost a lot of money. I've tried to emulate what other brands/big spenders are doing in terms of landing page, i.e linking to the product catalogue or specific product page itself, so I wouldn't think this aspect would be causing the entire issue. However I'm just not sure where to start looking at and what I should optimise first. 

Has anyone else run into a issues like this before? I'm thinking of ditching AdWords altogether because it seems like something that's too costly for a small business to just experiment on.

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This is a very common situation and can be caused by allot of issues.

To consider a conversion, make sure you have at least 100 clicks on a keyword, if its text ads. If it's Google Shopping it can be under 100 clicks depending on the campaign setup and keyword targeting.

With healthcare related products the trust factor is even more important. I recommend finding ways to improve this on the website.

Google Adwords has allot of moving parts so there is no simple answer without looking at actual data. So the only thing I can suggest is the basics.

The most basic things you should do :

  • Increase the CTR of the ad keyword
  • Improve the keyword ad rank if text ads
  • Improve the average position
  • Improve the data feed if shopping ads
  • Do some tests with different ad formats if text
  • Do a test with different biddings
  • Do some test with different landing pages if text
  • etc...

These are just basics, I recommend that you analyze your advertising data and improve.

Hope it helps.

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So how long have you invested in learning how to do AdWords, Dale?

You cannot expect to setup some AdWords or be guided by Google, and then expect to make a good ROI. I have seen it happen, but don't kid yourself. Managing ad campaigns is a profession - a skill set.

I have probably spent 10,000 hours managing AdWords campaigns and still learn new things that improve my client results.

If you don't pay someone with proven AdWords results, you better invest at least 50+hours in your skillset initially then continue to learn how to do it. 1) Get AdWords qualified in search, shopping, and display. 2) Do an online course from Udemy or something else. 3) Follow an industry blog or two like SEJ.

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Well I certaintly haven't put 10,000 hours in, but I made sure to read the ads academy courses from Google and get myself certified. I though that would have been enough, but obviously not.

Thanks heaps for your tips to get further qualified, and also to check out Udemy as well as follow an industry blog. I'd never though of those. Highly appreciated! 🙂

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Hi Dale, the average conversion rate for Google Adwords Search is 1.91%, whereas 0.96% for Display Network (GDN). As the stake is high in case of Adwords, at least from an experimentation point of view, I'll suggest you to use Google Drafts & Experiment tool within Adwords.

This will help you in drilling the campaigns. Typical experiment report:

Option 2: Since you're not getting any conversion but a significant traffic you can create list of "Paid Users" and retarget them with Display ads, which is comparatively cheap.

Open Adwords account: Under Campaigns, you would find "Shared Library".

Click on Audiences, and make cases based on your visitor's journey, or where you can think Retargeting will work better.


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Its true Adwords can be difficult. I recently found a platform called Cranberri. Its like a smart layer for Adwords. Its done wonders for us, and consistently improves as it gets smarter, I've been very impressed.

Best of Luck,

Janice K.

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Since you have stated that 10,000 hours spent by you still expertise is on the go. This means Dale needs to work really hard for implementing AdWords effectively. Since I'm a newbie for Adwords too, I'm learning it already to get Google Adwords certified but now I think it is not enough & I have to work a long way. Thanks for your 2 cents! Really appreciated.