Adwords Conversion Tracking Setup With New Tag

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Hi all,

So we launched our site about 4 weeks ago. So far we've had a great month with over 100 orders... still yet to breakeven on our marketing budget, but we're close... and importantly, we've got customers to talk to now!

One of the major channels I had been working on in our inital weeks was Adwords, and so far it's been going well. We're up to a CTR of about 18% on average plus our TOS and Pages/Session is really good (around 3-5 minutes + 6-8 pages a session). 

However I've just noticed a really nasty bug in our reporting. I have two days out of those 30 that are reporting 9-11 conversions for a single click, which is obviously completely ridiculous as we have about 2 repeat purchasers at the moment. A single click can't result in 9 sales. 

We are using  Google AdWords Conversion Pixel & Tracking Code by AdNabu as I literally could find no other way of getting the pixel to work correctly. Every guide on the internet details how to impliment the old pixel and Google's our support information basically chalks up to "go chat to your dev", and even he was confused - and later pointed out we could use the AdNabu app for free.

Has anyone else had similar problems? To me it feels like there is something causing a conversoin to be duplicated and over reported (in both of these instances by a factor of 9-10x).

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a major issue, particually when we're in start up phase! You can also check out our site at 🙂




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