Adwords - Tracking Checkouts Instead of Sales

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I've got all the pixels & GA setup to track sales, but for Adwords in particular I'd like to start tracking initiated checkouts in addition to sales.


It seems like the checkout pages are hosted via Shopify in a different way then the rest of the site. Like only enterprise businesses have the option to make full edits to their checkout pages. So if I wanted to install a script with events etc. it just won't work on the checkout pages.


This is my current problem, not really sure how to fix this. For all the various traffic sources I'm in, I'd like to see data for checkouts initiated rather than JUST sales. Anybody know how to get this to work?



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The best option would be to make a goal in Google Analytics and have it track people hitting your checkout URL. Then you can import that goal into Google Ads from analytics. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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