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Affiliate & Referral Software Recommendations for Shopify Apps Developers

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Hello community!

We are a Shopify App developer looking to purchase affiliate and referral software for our agency and affiliate programs. Since we are an app developer, our software needs are different than the needs of a Shopify merchant.

We need to ensure the software integrates with the Shopify app marketplace so that we can track the affiliate and referral app installs, including any refunds, chargebacks, etc. Tracking is our biggest ask for the software. We need to track each app install from within the app marketplace.

We've spoken to other tools which do not support an integration with the Shopify app marketplace. Therefore, tracking becomes a manual process with monthly downloads of csv files and spreadsheet reconciliation.

Any recommendations for software which supports this integration with the Shopify App Marketplace?

Appreciate of your advice and guidance!

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I am a Shopify API expert and have helped many clients with such automation

Happy to assist . Drop me email:

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