Affiliate link to someone else's Etsy product (not importing my own)

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All the google searching I've done has been in vain, because what comes up is always, "how to import your Etsy listings to Shopify." I run a website where I make my money via affiliate marketing. I've been using the SPREADR app for Amazon links, which is amazing. But SPREADR only works for Amazon, and doesn't work for Etsy or eBay.

At this point, I'm not even concerned with making the links to other people's Etsy/eBay listings actual "affiliate" links. But I'd like to be able to list them as products in my store, and when they click the button it'll say "see on Etsy" or something similar. 

Do any of you know how I could accomplish this? I've exhausted my knowledge by going down a ton of google rabbit holes to no avail. 

Thank you,


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