Affiliate marketing on my store

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Hello dear shopify community. I created a dropshipping store since 1 month and would like to boost my sales.
I am now searching for someone who would sell my products and get 10% commission. For other details, please reply to this post or send my a private message.
Thank you and have a nice day 😉
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Did you have any success with finding affiliates for a physical product? I have been trying to do the same for my own store but I find it tough to find affiliates.

Best regards

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Hello, no, I don't found people who would work in affiliate marketing.
But I didn't search a lot for them, I only send here the topic about it.
Actually this is my last month on my store, I will close it or sell, if I find an interesting buyer, so I don't but a lot work into it the last weeks.
Kind regards
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I know it is probably too late to respond here, but I thought of answering for those who may still be seeking something similar. A great way to actually find more affiliates, is to diversify the type of affiliates you work with. I have seen brands often restrict themselves to working only with influencers or only with one set type of bloggers; but the truth is, there are third party comparison sites, newsletter writers, bloggers, communities (like this one right here) and so many more types and ways to find those who can become brand advocates. Found this interesting post that might help: Types of affiliates brands should collaborate with

Vanhishikha Bhargava