Affiliate Plattform/Service for multistore structure

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Hello everyone,

we currently use an affiliate app in our shop, which keeps the effort for a single shop within limits.
Since we will expand our structures to a multi-store with several Shopify shops, we are looking for an affiliate solution that we can use in several shops at the same time (with only one affiliate link per affiliate, which works in all shops).
And ideally, the service should also be able to work with different currencies.

We are primarily looking for a software that acts as a platform between the shop and the affiliates.
We are not looking for an advertising network to contact new affiliates.

Does anyone have experience with this situation and can recommend a software / provider / solution to us?

Best regards,



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Hey Caspar,


Take a look at Dovetail and Everflow, they may be able to help you.


Will you setup each shopify store under a different domain/subdomain? Im curious how you are going to manage this.


Do you mean you are going to partner with other shopify stores to share links to a single shopify store, or do you mean you will setup multiple shopify stores to sell your products?


If you are thinking about setting up different shopify stores to sell in different countries, I know you can already do that with Shopify plus. In case thats what you're thinking.


Hope that helps,

Talk soon,
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Thanks @MarcioSantos.
I will check these two services.
Yes we are going to set up multiple stores to sell our products.

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Hey @Caspar_FG 

At about the same time you posted your question we started to work with Share a Sale Affiliate network. We have installed their script via GTM on three stores and it‘w working fine in a multi lingual and multi currency environment...

Just discounts/coupons are an issue. If you do work with them you have to coordinate availability of discounts manually in all three stores...

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Hi Caspar,


This is not exactly affiliate solution, but some kindly reminder regarding implementing affiliate. There could be some potential challenges.

  • Clicks are wasted if visitors from certain regions cannot access the websites.
  • Customer could leave if extra steps are needed, like select their local language.
  • Some cannot find the information within the first few seconds of visiting the page, they will leave.


For affiliate marketers, to maximise conversion rates, it is important to minimise the roadblocks in customer journey. Thus, you may want to consider Geo Links. When the visitor clicks on the link, it can auto take visitors to the most relevant stores based on their geolocation address based on their IPs, It perfectly suits your multi-store structure. If you are interested, you can look at this post:


Hope it helps!