All Google ad sessions switched to sag_organic. No conversions

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Usually the traffic for ads can be found under my campaign UTM and a small portion under 'sag _ organic'.

A day ago, I noticed a sudden drop in conversions and has generated no sales (via ads). Clicks and impressions are still the same though.
This sudden drop has coincided to all traffic now being listed under 'sag _ organic' and my campaign UTM does not show anymore.

Does anyone have any advice? I need to resolve this as quickly as possible since it's affecting the Christmas season sales.

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Are you referring to Shopify Analytics? What report? Or Google Analytics?

If it's Shopify analytics, I suggest you first point of check is Google Analytics source/medium report to see if it mirrors Shopify. Being a black box, Shopify analytics is limited. But if the same data is pushed into Google Analytics, you know there's an issue with how your UTMs are set up.

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