Allowing users to opt-in and opt-out of email marketing via their account?

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Hi There

Is there any way of adding a customers marketing status to their user account?  Currently, customers can sign up via a newsletter form or via the opt-in option on the checkout, but it doesn't appear there's any way of them opting out unless you send them an email via Shopify Email.


Is there any way for users to opt in / out via their user account?


I've googled but can't find anything about this option.



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Hi Sean


Did you test it with a dummy email account to see what the customer will receive? 🙂


There should be an option to opt-out at the bottom...

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i just got a 'welcome do dev store' email no opt out, just a 'if you have any questions contact us at...' at the bottom.  Nothing about opting in/out of marketing.  No unsubscribe option at all.


Still wouldn't be ideal for us to expect users to keep their sign up email to opt-out of marketing from the store.  Seems odd that you can't just have a tick box in their user account on the front end.


I find it really odd that Shopify has all their GDPR / Cookie settings but not the basic option for a user to add/remove themselves from your mailing list