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Hi all, 
I am currently at a stage where I reach 60+ visitor per day and I think that's a great start thinking that I launched my website on 2nd Jan

but I didn't get luck with sales, am not sure why, but I followed a couple of checklists that Shopify had for marketing and launching, but am not getting sales

I saw a couple of videos on how to get leads, and I think having a chat bot that handles it is optimum because I don't have to block the customer with a popup that scares them away
and I don't let the chatbot engage with the customer unless to welcome them and even that takes 30 seconds so I don't bother them 

So am not sure what am doing wrong

I wanted to be recommended something like a marketing plan or campaign I should follow so that I can eventually get a sale, currently I have 2 campaigns that finished but they are not generating any sales, but at least they are not costing me much money so I can't complain 

I feel so lost and It would be really great if someone tells me a plan to follow as I don't know what I don't know and I can't decide on learning what I don't know

this is my website:

It would be great if u can tell me any products that caught ur eyes so that I make a list of the most likeable ones and make a promo video for them since I haven't tried launching a marketing campaign with a professional video yet

here is my todo list of tasks I want to set up and learn

1. SEO optimization (30 mins every day)
2. Setting up an exit-intent popup (don't want to initiate it yet because am not sure if it's viable or will give the customer more reason to leave actually)
3. Setup Klavyio and do some automation to email marketing
4. reading how to understand analytics and make use of them

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Coffee and cats haha nice combo!

Here's what I would do:

1) Get a professional logo. This is key. To build trust and respect from random internet users your site has to look like a legitimate business. In your niche I would go for a fun logo, this would make a great first impression and set the mood for the shopping experience.

If you don't have a designer or don't know exactly what you want, you could try a logo contest. Before I had a go-to designer I used to do this a lot, here's how:

2) Klaviyo is a great idea, it's basically free money once you get your system set up. I switched over to Klaviyo exclusively for ecommerce email marketing, I shared my strategies and results when I first switched over here: That should give you some ideas to get started.

3) Conversion rate optimization helps get value out of every visitor, and it's a lifelong pursuit, even when you start converting awesome you'll still want to A/B test new ideas to continually raise that conversion rate. I would get started with some low hanging fruit, then later you can hire a pro. To start, here are 20 proven methods I've used to improve conversion rates:

4) Once you have your logo and a good feel that your site is ready for traffic, start experimenting on different marketing channels. Google Ads is the easiest to get started with and get a good conversion rate. Social media ads can work but I would hire a professional marketer to identify your audience and come up with strategy + A/B test different ad variations. It used to be used a few years ago to throw up some random ads on FB, IG, Pinterest, etc and get some sales, but it's so competitive these days that if you don't have a pro you'll (usually, from what I see) have to spend at least a few months and a decent budget testing and figuring out what works before you can start pulling a nice ROI.

Good luck! 😸

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