Amazing Product & Local Sales but NO Online Sales! Help!

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After 27 generations of prototypes, I invented a new, inspired way of making fresh ProBiotics/Yogurt/Kefir right in the milk bottle (see or or It is the easiest thing ever - just add a starter packet to a fresh bottle of milk then slide the maker over the bottle and plug it in. Overnight the maker heats up the bottle and grows the fresh ProBiotics.

It is the easiest, freshest/healthiest, least-expensive... yogurt/probiotics/kefir(with milk alternatives too).  At local trade shows people just rave about how it is the best thing ever. They keep saying that we need to get this on SharkTank, QVC, HSN... into Costco... In fact, we get so much attention for samples and interest that the adjoining booths have complained about all of the interest and traffic.

We have tons of satisfied customers who absolutely love the product and tell us about all the benefits (e.g. feeling great, saving money, kids love it and beg for more, losing weight - I lost 24 pounds with no exercise making with skim milk for fat-free protein shakes...).

So I started with the name Jugurt (as in in-jug yogurt, old Danish for "yogurt"). The went with ShakeGenie as so easy to lose weight. Paid to make up a funny viral-style video (got over 6k views with facebook promotions but not a single sale!).

I had it on Amazon but it cost me 49.9% of sales to promote and so I was losing a bunch on every unit I sold because people don't know this amazing new product is out there.

Recently I changed the name to EZYogurtMaker so people could better understand what it does (even though it is much better than yogurt or kefir).  I did up a new website and made up an infomercial-style video to explain the process and promoted on facebook. It got 7k views but still no sales:-( and only 3 comments including "Is this a joke?" and "is this a real product?".

So the last few days, I set up Google Search, Google Merchant, Google Shopping, Google Adwords... and have been running ads but keep getting notice that missing microdata, not showing because of low ad score...

I have tried doing press releases, contacting local media, contacting national media, bloggers... but nothing seems to be working. It seams they all want to be paid for coverage. I would rather that the reviews be honest reviews about something that can really help people. I would think it is a terrible invention except that the customers are ecstatic about it and I constantly hear back how it is the best thing ever. 

I just want to help people and this helps them with their health and saves them time and money. I want to get these makers into shelters, hospitals, and schools in addition to houses. This product can help everyone. We have seen people helped with improving health, celiac, intestinal issues, fighting off infections. ProBiotics have been studied for the benefits to fight cancers, Alzheimer's plaque, celiac, leaky gut, IBS, diarrhea, mental health, symptoms of Autism...

I am about out of funds to promote. Is there anyone who would like to manage marketing/eCommerce for a commission or resell or...?  I don't know what else to do. Local shows are limited and I want to help more people than I can one-on-one.

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For missing microdata for condition :

When it comes to advertising, having a great product and spending money on ads is not going to be successfull.

Advertising is a very complex system where allot of hard work is required. Such as having a good data feed, setting up an effective campaign. Having good titles and images etc... Are you targeting the right people.

If you want to do everything yourself, I recommend reading up on allot of articles, tutorials etc... to get yourself educated on how to advertise. I have been doing this for 10 years, and it's always hard work, always learning new things. It's a never ending battle. Alternatively if this is a too steep of a task, get someone to help you.

You might be lucky to find someone on a commision base, but be carefull, as you are still spending money.

As I understanding setting up a new business is very hard, costs allot of money etc... I recommend you create articles and videos yourself, all your doing is spend time and no money, so this is great. You know the product, why not promote it yourself? Put an identity on your branding. Do note the succes of the articles can take up to 6 months to a year.

I wish you the best of luck


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