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An SEO question

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I've got a whole collection of products in which the title was entered incorrectly.


We've corrected them, but the URL still shows the old title. 


Would it hurt the SEO of my site if I changed the URLs now?

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Hi @drooza

It's true that the URL can not be automatically updated when you change the Title of your collection. You'd need to manually edit the URL and handle under SEO section. 

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Will editing your URL impact your SEO? The answer is Yes. It will impact your SEO since URL is one of the important on-page SEO factors. However, as long as the URL is short, easy to scan and contain your focus keyword, your SEO would be fine. 

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Hey @drooza,

Here is how to update your URL's:

We share how to speed things up by using an excel spreadsheet using a formula, you can just drag it down and it will do all the work for you.

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