Analytics invisble after turning on enhanced ecommerce

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Google analytics isn't  working for me, so i installed tagmanager to see whats going on.

I installed analytics by pasting the code in shopify --> preferences.

And everything seems fine, tagmanager can detect the analytics tag.

But as soon as switch on enhanced e-commerce in shopify, tagmanager fails to detect the analytics code, and I cant even track any page visits.  As if the code disappears.

Needles to say i cant setup e-commerce tracking.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Turn on Enhanced Ecommerce for a view

  1. Log in to Google Analytics.
  2. Click on admin and go to the profile for which you want to enable enhanced e-commerce.
  3. In the profile column, click Ecommerce Settings
  4. In step 1, enable Ecommerce, and set the status to On.
  5. Take the next step.
  6. Under Step 2, Enhanced Ecommerce Settings set the status to ON.
  •  The Improved Ecommerce reports can then be found in the Conversions section.
  • The other previous category of Ecommerce Reports is no longer visible

           You can disable this option to restore the previous category of e-commerce reports.

  1. Optionally, enter labels for the payment steps you have selected on your ec.js label. These tags are for visualization purposes only, so Analytics can generate a meaningful visualization of your payment funnel.

            Tap a step in the funnel, enter the tag name, then tap Done. Repeat for each marking step you have selected.

              Tag names appear on the Payment Behavior report (for example, login / create an account, shipping address, billing information, order review, order submission).

  1. Click Submit.
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Ecommerce and enhanced ecommerce are  turned on in Analytics.

But the problem is that when I activate enhance e-commerce in shopify under preferences. It drops my UA tag. 



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Did you ever solve this? i am having similar issues



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Same problem. Any solution?