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Another choice between Referral and Affiliate marketing app

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I'm Nick, the Jioukou App Project manager. We build the group buying App to make it available for Shopify Store.


Is it has a possibility to contain the advantages of referral and affiliate in group buying marketing? I want to discuss this question with the store owners who have the experience of using marketing App


How customers(buyers) interact with our app automatically.
1. Customers view the store group buying campaign page.
2. Customers create a new group buying for the campaign product
3. Customers invite their friends to buy together. Once the group buying success, all group members can get a discount price.


# Part of advantages from Referral App
Words of mouth. When the customer invites his/her friends to buy together. Your products will be spread by the customer's social network without much advertising cost and more trustable way.


# Part of advantages from Affiliate App
Deal base on sales. The group buying discount is work when enough products are paid by the customer and his/her friends. The reward is base on sales performance.


Welcome to play around with our demo store(Our app has been installed)


If you have any feedback or idea about our group buying App, leave the message below the post. I will reply to you soon.


Thank for your following.

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Shopify Partner
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Thanks to the store owners who join our early access project.
JIOUKOU Group Buying App has been released on the Shopify App Store.


Here are the images about how to use Jioukou of our demo store. You can create a campaign page show it on store pages or embed it into the home page(Anywhere you want)


Campaign page of your storeCampaign page of your store    Customers can create their own group. Or join existing one.Customers can create their own group. Or join existing one.    Embedded campaign section on home page.Embedded campaign section on home page.


We are looking forward to that more and more store starts using group buying to marketing their product with social networking power!

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