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Any Experience With Email Marketing - Setting It Up & Mail Segmentation?

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Hi Shopify Community Members,


I have just started a new store on


I wanted to know if anybody has expertise with email marketing.


1. What is the best way to get emails from customers? Are pop ups good or intrusive? I presently have Klaviyo. 


2. What is the best way to segment and send emails? Does anyone have expertise with this?


3. What sort of frequency do you have for sending emails?


Any other tips and guidance? 



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Hi there!


Klaviyo's blog has some excellent resources that can help you with questions 2 and 3. Here are a few you might find useful:


As for your first question, here are my thoughts.


Popups are a great way to collect email addresses, as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Don't use a popup that simply says "sign up for my newsletter" without providing any other value.
  • Do offer something valuable in exchange for visitors' email addresses, such as a discount or an exclusive piece of content.
  • Don't have the popup appear right when someone lands on your site.
  • Do have your popup appear after 5 seconds onsite or when someone scrolls down the page.
  • Don't put more than one popup on the same page of your website. This includes regular email capture popups as well as spinner wheels, chatbots that automatically open a new chat, cookie consent popups, etc.
  • Do consider creating different popups for different pages on your site. For example, the popup on a blog post about Topic A might offer more content about Topic A, while the popup on a blog post about Topic B offers more content about Topic B.
  • Don't make the popup difficult to close.
  • Do create rules so that someone who closes your popup doesn't see it again during the same session.

And popups aren't the only way to grow your email list. Here are 10 other ideas:

  1. Lead magnet content
  2. Locked blog posts
  3. Content upgrades
  4. Interactive content
  5. Newsletter signups
  6. Referral programs
  7. Giveaways
  8. Coupons and discounts
  9. Rewards programs
  10. Spin to win wheels

Here's an article I wrote that gives more details about these tactics + examples of how ecommerce stores are using them:

11 Ways to Build Your Ecommerce Store’s Email List (+ Examples)

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Hi there!


Yes I have around 10 years experience working with segmenting and planning emails. The best way is to tag your customers and then ensure those tags are exported/synced to your email marketing platform. I am also new to Shopify (we previously had a custom build site that was getting old) and we chose an 'auto-tagging' app to tag customers with our selected tags - ie membership level based on spend, birthday month, etc. You can also use the tags to create discounts in Shopify, so they are multi purpose.


In regards to email frequency, you need to try out a few options and see what works best for you. Maybe start with once or twice a week. You can also resend emails to unopens to increase your frequency.


I agree with _shauna_ below in terms of pop-ups to gather email addresses - you need to make it worthwhile to the customer in some way, and not intrusive. You can also create sign up forms to come directly from social media.


Good Luck!

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I have collected about 2000 addressed through a giveaway. I have been sending newsletters twice a week without converting one single audience.  I have learned a couple of things:  1. make sure you collect high-quality leads/email addresses, not everyone who wanted to sign up and get free stuff and 2. it will take time to build the trust. 

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I'm not sure which country you are located in, but in the EU there are very tight rules about sending emails with big fines for non-compliance.  Basically you need to be very careful.


Also a lot of old emails get turned into "honey pots" for anti-spam services so its important to only send emails to addresses you know are fresh and up to date.  I downloaded an old database from one of my sites and emailed out to 10,000 addresses, within a few hours my IP was blacklisted as far too many had expired and become spam traps.


If you get it right email marketing can work very well.  Good luck!



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thanks everyone in the shopify community for the wonderful replies and support.


I am based out of India, but yet strongly believe in following guidelines set out by EU - where we don't spam and send mails only to people who find it useful and have given us permission to send.


I will try out the stuff shared and keep you guys posted on the progress.


take care!