Any reccomendations for a great company to hire for SEO devlopment?

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Does anyone know of a great company for professional SEO development?

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Hey, @pentidy


Definitely a great query to post in the Community. However, in order for us to provide you with more tailored solutions, are you able to express more on your specific goals? What exactly are you looking for assistance when it comes to your SEO? 


By providing this information, our contributors have more information to go from as to what exactly you are wanting to do with your business and your store. 


While we wait for more input however, have you looked at our Shopify Expert Marketplace? We have a lot of trusted-freelancers that can specifically help you out with SEO. The link I attached will give you a specific list for experts that specialize in SEO. If this list does not give you what you are after, you can also post your own job to provide more specific details on what you are looking for or look at the other lists we have at the marketplace.


I have also attached some great SEO resources I found for your reference: 


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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@pentidy Hi, this is something we do. Do you have more details of what you are looking for or an email to discuss further?