Anyone doing data collection on the Thank You / Order Confirmation page?

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I recently discovered the Additional Scripts for the Order Status Page under Shopify Settings >> Checkout. Adding a Klaviyo form tag there populates it really easily on the Thank You page.

Wondering how prominent this page is for data collection in general and if it's just an underutilized feature in Shopify? I've been an app partner for the past few years and didn't realize this was so easy to add a form to until recently.

Seems great for collecting birthday dates, product preferences, instagram handles etc. to personalize segments and email flows with - fields you may not want to ask for in the main popups pre-conversion.

If you already have a form on the page, what sort of opt in rates are you seeing? If you don't have a form on this page, any reasons why you can share?



Adding Form at Confirmation Page GIF Gatsby Compressed 3.gif

Above shows our use-case of asking for IG handle in the post-purchase form as that's what our app Gatsby specializes in - customer handles to build up community / micro influencers with Klaviyo Flows or Omnisend Automations - but theoretically could be anything in that form. My gut tells me this is underutilized, interested in hearing what other merchants are doing with this page. Thanks!


Brett Bernstein - Founder & Gatsby -
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