Anyone ever recovered admin access to a Facebook business page?

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TLDR; Our business FB page's only admin account is locked out and can't regain access. I have Editor rights but can't upgrade myself to Admin.

I submitted a request to Facebook Business support via our Page Inbox over 3 weeks ago with a much more detailed account of what happened, including documentation that I am an authorized employee and owner of the page. No response.

Has anyone ever had luck in recovering admin access or should I scrap our original page and just start over? What I hate is that I can't delete the original one so the customer experience is confusing and messy for people trying to find us on social.

Just curious if I'm totally out of luck here or not, interested to hear from anyone's experience in this area.

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Facebook support is useless and they don't even read your messages. You
won't be able to recover it as per my knowledge. All you need to do is
create a new page.

If you are lucky enough then Facebook will respond to your email.
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