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Anyone killing it with post purchase social sharing?

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Just trialled a post purchase social sharing campaign and got 4 of our existing customers to share their product on Instagram and tag us in the last 48 hours, driving 3 more sales from their social connections (see image).

This cost us literally nothing apart from a small amount for the software (we built this ourselves) to set up and manage the campaign.

Has anyone else tried this and got similar results?

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Congrats on the successful campaign! I'd be interested in hearing more details about how you ran it, etc.

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Have to ask... what's the software?

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Great result for you. I'm a bit of a newbie at all this. Could you tell me a bit more please?

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Would be very interested in this software!

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Hi Tom,

Which software you are using? - would be great for Shopify store owners.

We like the idea very much!




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How long did you leave from purchase to sending this email?


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We've had some success with this as well. There is a Shopify app called Checkout Hero that is easy to install (no coding)  and gives the opportunity for a free gift or additional discount for sharing on Facebook or Twitter.  We've been pleased with it  since we launched it last week. 

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Hi Tom,

I would to know which software and technics you have used for your campaigns.


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Hi everyone,

Few months ago, I was inspired by Amazon share widget that's presented after purchase (here is an example) and I created an app called Checkout Share

Would love if anybody wants to give it a try. There is 14 day free trial. I also created special discount code for forum members, offering 15% onging discount, code is 'FORUM'

Hope that helps.


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Would also love to know what software you are using! We have found that there are few with Instagram shares and that seems to be our largest market right now, so we haven't used any software yet because we cannot find one that incorporates Instagram!