Anyone know a very reputable SEO company?

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I have been using the same SEO company for two years now. They were great at first, they doubled my income via my online store in the first year and started to move all the words I was trying to get up higher in the search engines. After Christmas of 2020, things started to go south. The rankings all started to take a nose dive and my income and traffic started to decline and by late spring/early summer, I was so far down and almost out of business (I hate online retail at this point after 12 plus years). I started to complain and let them know I wasn't happy and wanted to see what they could do to improve things. Late summer they fixed some things to try and improve and nothing got better and while sales are back up a little (due to me advertising more and the holidays are coming), my rankings are still declining. I keep getting the run around with them now and they just have not made it any better.

I asked for a copy of all the links they have built me over the two years to check those but they never gave me them. The owner of the company doesn't like me now and told me he is dropping me as a client do to be consuming "too much of his employee's time" asking too many questions and not trusting them with their process. I pay $750 a month and I have to keep on top of them when I see things going in the wrong direction, I never even bothered them until the site and rankings started to decline. I am so upset as I have put so much money and time into them and these rankings and now I am afraid everything is just going to fall apart. This is why I did SEO myself for years and years, I always get ripped off. 

That all being said, I need to find another SEO/Marketing company ASAP as the holidays are coming and my site needs to not fall apart SEO wise. Any really good, reputable suggestions?

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I know one Seo Company in Pune, India which is a very outstanding company in SEO. They are user-friendly and provide services that are 100% value for money. 

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There are lots of Reputable SEO companies but recently I had a very good experience with “Logic Square Technologies” - SEO services Company. They are providing the best SEO services in the USA at a minimal price with quality work.

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