Anyone using the new server-side Facebook Pixel Tracking?

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Talking about this hidden gem:



My problem is:

I don't need anything at all in the new Shopify Facebook channel except that. We have Facebook page, Instagram shop, Ads, product feeds etc etc all running fine for years.

And now I'm worried about all the permissions the Shopify Facebook channel wants. I'm worried it will change and overwrite products feeds and configuration data on the Facebook side with it's idea of things, trashing my config.


Anyone been through this, are my worries unfounded or not?


Regards, Robert.

This is an accepted solution.

@roband We've migrated all our Facebook Ads clients to the new CAPI (server-side tracking) just for the purpose of the pixel. You can set everything up so it all behaves as if you only had the pixel as before. If you want just the pixel, you don't have to setup ads within the channel, IG shopping (though you should), or the Facebook Shop.

Check your advanced matching settings afterwards as well as these seem to get changed to undesirable settings.

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Thanks Josh, I'll give it another go then. And thanks for the heads up on the advanced matching settings, just the type of behind-the-doors changes I was worried about.

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You can watch the following video where I walk you through the native Facebook Conversion API integration and also help you troubleshoot your existing setup > 

You can also check the following article to understand better the differences between Client-Side Tracking vs. Server-Side Tracking

Let me know if you have any additional questions! 

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