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Apple vs Facebook: What you can do to save your ads?

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Does anyone do the same thing and get a good result?  To deal with Conversion Tracking will be under-reported: 

  • Verify your website’s domain
  • Install pixel and test event with the Event manager 
  • Add events for pixels: because now you can only add up to 8 events, the tactic is to use 2 pixels and add the 4 most important events, the priority order is Purchase → Initiate CheckOut → Add to Cart →  Page View. It will 72 hours until the update is complete
  • Install conversions API to get data from servers which give you a hand to gain additional insights into people who take actions on your website

Eg: Use Facebook Multi Pixels app to install without coding 

  • Install Google Analytics to your landing page and create UTM tracking for each ad in your campaign 

Eg: use Google Tag app to install GA and GTM code to your website 

  • Test your campaign to see if the events work properly.

To deal with Ads distribution will be impacted and experience some limitations: 

  • Use CBO instead of ABO 
  • Not target too deep into the buyer behaviors or hobbies because it does not necessary at this stage 
  • Not separate groups based on ages like 18-22, 23-27… 
  • Not create too many ad sets, 3 - 5 ad sets are enough for a campaign 
  • Run a variety of display positions and content formats such as creating Carousel, Canvas, Video formats with chatbox ...rather than running 1 ads id with 1 image/ 1 video and 1 text 
  • If running ads on multiple locations, resize the displayed image/thumbnail to suit the size of each position, not use 1 image for all, so that the ad can show its best performance
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