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Apply Discounts at cart

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Hey Folks,

I was looking into some shopify documentation (includig this forum) and I couldn't find any answer to my question, which seems quite obvious to me (maybe too obvious): Why do automatic discounts only apply at checkout?

If I use an automatic discount, I want it to show already on the cart page! Everytime I use it, I get a lot of "add to cart"s but conversion is very poor. I believe this is because customers are confused by the original price. I think it makes a lot of sense to show the reduction already at the cart page to help the customers see their actual amount...?

Is there any solution? Is this a problem of my theme? Are there any other threads I can look into?

Thanks for your help!


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Hey, @snakizzel


This is Max from the Shopify Team.


Things like discounts, taxes, and shipping are all built to calculate at the checkout stage once more relevant customer details are added.

Tell us a bit more about your discounts! Off the top of my head I have a few thoughts;


  1. Would offering the money off using a "compare at" price be more enticing for your customers? 
  2. You might also be able to promote discounts on pop ups or banners (there are apps and themes with this option).
  3. Adding a line on the cart page about when and how discounts are calculated could be a good option too! (This could be coded in or edited in the language section depending on your theme - Online Store > Themes > Actions > click Edit Language).
  4. You might also consider adding an app like dcode to offer more details on the cart page if coding is too complex.

Let us know if one of these options might work for you! Otherwise, let us some more about your shop and what you're trying to achieve. 



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey Max,

thanks for reaching out!

I already tried a few things, that's why your suggestions does not really fit for me:

1) I have a some NOS styles and I make special day offers for them. So for me it is neccessary to have discount that can be scheduled and also can match a condition. Compare at-discounts need to be set manually and that is really annoying if you need to fill it in and delete by yourseld at midnight...

2) I am already using banners to promote codes and special events, but still. Even if you use a banner at cart with a discount code, the transition rate from cart to checkout is really poor.

3) This is a good idea, and maybe it will also drag people into checkout, but I still think it would be more helpful and transparent if discounts were shown already on the cart page.

4) thanks for the hint. I will check it out. havent't heard of that app yet!

I was just wondering as shopify is a really intuitive platform, I thought it's a no-brainer to show discounts already on the cart page. At least for my clients, that would be a good help to see their actual amount before going further...




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Hi Marcus, did you ever figure this out?


I read the docs here and they say that


should display the price with discounts applied; however that's not working for me.


Curious too, Max stated in an above reply that discounts are meant to be handled at checkout, but the docs I linked refer to cart level discounts.

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Same issue and I'm noticing that a lot of these discussions are very recent. Could this be a recent bug?

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So I figured out that 


does account for automatic discounts, but not discount codes, whether the discount code is entered manually or applied via a url.


You can use cart.original_total_price to display the original total, cart.total_discount to display the total discounts applied from automatic discounts, and cart.total_price to display the new subtotal of original_total - total_discount.

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This is very helpful.  The problem I'm trying to overcome is users abandoning if they intend to use automatic checkout with Google Pay/Apple Pay.

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Is it possibe you could help me understand where to put the code? i can use automatic discounts if that is more simple.

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 <div class="discounts">
{%- if cart.cart_level_discount_applications != blank -%}
<p class="onsale">{{ 'cart.general.discounts' | t }}</p>
{%- for discount_application in cart.cart_level_discount_applications -%}
<li class="onsale"><i class="fa fa-tag"></i> {{ discount_application.title }}
(-{{ discount_application.total_allocated_amount | money }})</li>
{%- endfor -%}
{%- else -%}
{% if cart.total_discounts > 0 %}
<div class="cart_savings">
<h4 class="onsale"><em>{{ 'cart.general.savings' | t }}</em></h4>
<h4 class="cart-savings-amount onsale"><em>{{ cart.total_discounts | money }}</em></h4>
{% endif %}
{%- endif -%}

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Shopify Team,

This is an obvious ecommerce standard. Seeing discounts at cart level helps tremendously with conversion rates. I've been sitting here for an hour watching customers get to the cart and bounce off the page, then receiving messages through my Instagram page that the discount didn't apply to their cart. 

Thankfully I do web development as my day job so adding this text to the cart page about where discounts are added is a piece of cake for me, but asking non-techie users to do this very basic ecommerce thing is pretty insane for a platform that charges $39.99 a month for it's service.


Do right by your customers and actually look at what companies like Amazon are doing for their web app and try to provide a service that is going to help your customers thrive in an extremely competitive retail market.

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I completely understand the issue. This happens very often when customers want to apply discount coupons in the cart page and expect to see a reduced price. I recently came across this app that adds discount coupon field on the cart page.




Check it out and see if this helps.

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Hi @kevindavid 


I tried this. Thank you! Its works fine.

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I think you should give the exact price for the buyer to consider whether or not, if they add the product to the cart and the shopping cart part is different, the user will not trust your product anymore because of the price. not transparent

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 Hi @snakizzel

I understand the situation you are in. We are Autoketing team, offering an app Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool that may be helpful for you. The discount will appear right away in the product that customers are purchasing. This app also helps you sell more and more products with cross-sell and upsell tactics. 

Here are the link of the app:

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To show a discount box in the cart you need to make ajax query to checkout and then create a hidden div. Append html of the checkout there and then parse amounts. Also, there are some apps which add this functionality. You may check for instance this one:


It works both with a cart drawer and a cart page. Also has automatic installation. 

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The problem of Cart abandonment is more or less the same across all the ecommerce stores.

A proven method of boosting the conversion rate (and AOV) is showing appropriate coupon codes and letting customers apply the discount right on the cart page.

We have recently launched  Voila - Power Coupons on Cart. This helps you show selected coupons right on the cart page as well to create an Apply coupon field where customers can enter any coupon code.


Let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions/questions.


Tamal S.

Voila - Show Selected Coupons on Cart
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If you want to do it yourself, this can be as simple as putting an input field in your cart page similar to this (name=discount being the important part):

<input type="text" name="discount">

Whatever the customer enters will be applied on the checkout page, or attempted to be applied. The problem is checking whether the code can be applied and getting the amount that will be discounted before the customer goes to the checkout page. That's what apps are usually used for. There are many options, some listed in previous answers, mostly different in the visual presentation. This one has a pretty clean and customizable UI - Discount On Cart‑ Pro Edition! It also helps promote your free shipping tier if you offer one.

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I agree with you, and I don't understand why Shopify leaves this issue to be solved on apps.

More conversion means more transaction revenue Shopify makes and more happy customers (=merchants).

Makes me wonder if Shopify prioritizes app developers over merchants. 

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