Applying discounts to marketing automations

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Hey guys,


I recently saw that you can create marketing automations now, which is a cool feature, but I'm a little confused about how the discounts can be correctly applied.


For example, if I set up a customer winback automation, this email will go to the customer after 60 days by default with a discount code to entice the customer back. Okay, that makes sense. The options for the discount code to avoid abuse are to allow one use per customer or set a finite number of times it can be used. Else you can just let the customer have a discount every time they place an order.


Ideally, we would like to be able to create a discount code, that can be used once every x days, to fit around our automation.


The current solution doesn't really fit with the automation. I need to be able to say that the code can be used every 60 days only to prevent it always being used by the same customer, and after another 60 days have passed and we send another automated email to win them back again, that same discount code will now no longer be valid if I expire it after one time use.


Does anyone have a workaround or another way they have done this? It seems like this is a feature that has been put in without much thought around discount code management.




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Is there really no solution to this? Are the automated emails essentially useless with discounts? I still cannot see how I can set a discount code to encourage someone to come back and shop with us that:


  1. prevents them handing it out to their friends, while
  2. allowing them to use it just the once, but also
  3. allowing them to use it again should they get another email from us.

How do I get in touch with @Shopify about this as they don't seem to frequent these forums anymore.