Are Discounts a Good Thing?

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I have all of my products priced to allow a discount.  With that being said, is it bad to offer discounts often?  I know I love a discount when I'm shopping, and I wonder what you think about doing so in a regular basis?

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Hi  JeanetteQuillen,

It is so hard to say that you should offer a discount or not.

But you should analyze your business situation and your business targets.

In fact, businesses use discount pricing to sell low-priced products in high volumes. With this strategy, it is important to decrease costs and stay competitive. Large retailers are able to demand price discounts from suppliers and make a discount pricing strategy effective as they buy in bulk. It is usually impossible to compete with these retailers based solely on a discount pricing strategy.

In addition, If you have many inventories, you can launch a discount program.


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Hi JeanetteQuillen,

I like to think of discounts as addressing one blocker in a sales process, and that specific blocker being price.

The value of a discount is twofold - one, it can help entice a buyer to commit if their only reason for not buying is based on price. And if you tie an end date to the discount, it can sometimes motivate a buyer to make a decision now versus delay it.

So when you think about discounts, ensure that you know your buyer and exactly what they are seeking. There's little point eroding margin to gain a quick sale - as many times people buy with emotion, so it's important to ensure you are speaking to what your buyers want to hear.

I've found that often the experience in buying something matters as much (if not moreso) than the actual price. So use price as simply one lever of a larger proposition you offer your customers.

Hope that helps!


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Thank you, Alex!