Are email subscriber confirmation emails necessary?

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I'm setting up my store and have already had people sign up for my newsletter, but I'm wondering if I should opt them in automatically or request their permission via subscriber confirmation emails?

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Hi @jzas

I believe that using subscription confirmation emails ensures your future email campaigns will be addressed to only interested users, who willingly and consciously joined your list.

It also improves the deliverability of your emails alongside with sender's reputation. That’s because a mailing list gathered with a double opt-in method shows lower bounce rates.

At last, the double opt-in approach increases your chances of building long-lasting relationships with your audience, so it’s definitely worth your efforts.


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Confirmation emails are important because they confirm that a customer action was successful, include important information, and give directions for next steps. All types of confirmation emails have high open and click-through rates, which give you more upsell opportunities.

It is more important to use subscription confirmation emails, ensures your future email campaigns will be addressed to only interested users, who willingly and consciously joined your list. It also improves the deliverability of your emails alongside with sender reputation.

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Hi @jzas 


Subscriber confirmation email gives you a higher scope to upsell to interested customers. You can have a list of subscribers who are interested and you can choose to market your products accordingly. 


Hope this helps

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Yes, email subscriber confirmation emails are necessary for several reasons:

  1. Confirming the subscription: Confirmation emails ensure that the person who subscribed to your email list actually wants to receive your emails. This helps to build a list of engaged subscribers who are more likely to open and interact with your emails.

  2. Complying with laws: In some countries, such as the United States and the European Union, email marketing laws require that businesses obtain explicit consent from individuals before sending them marketing emails. Confirmation emails provide proof of consent.

  3. Preventing spam complaints: Confirmation emails help to prevent spam complaints and keep your email list clean. If someone didn't actually subscribe to your list, they're less likely to confirm their subscription and will be less likely to report your emails as spam.

  4. Building trust: By sending a confirmation email, you show that you respect your subscribers' time and preferences. This can help to build trust and establish a positive relationship with your subscribers.

In summary, confirmation emails are an important part of building a successful email marketing campaign. They help to ensure that your email list is clean, engaged, and compliant with laws, which can improve your email deliverability and campaign performance.