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Are Individual Emails Considered Spam?

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Hello to everyone,

I recently launched my continuing education company for mental health and addiction professionals. On my website (, I have created a blog which contains current research bulletins that provide substantive and useful information for professionals in this field. In other words, the blog doesn't contain veiled advertisements. It has educative value. 

My question: If I send emails directly from my company email account ONLY to inform individual professionals about my blog (and I won't try to sell my courses), is that still considered spam since they are unsolicited emails? In other words, would this be a violation of spam laws?

Follow-up question: If I can send these emails about my blog directly to individual professionals, can I use MailChimp to do this so I can do it more efficiently?

Any help would be appreciated,


Staff at CEmobile, LLC

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Hi Allen, 

Question: How did you get their emails?

Did they subscribe to your blog? If yes, your emails are not considered as spam. But make sure you include an 'unsubscribe' link beneath every email (MailChimp automatically includes this). If no, then they're spammy emails. 



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