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Automate Social Media Growth?

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Extremly vauge topic, but I currently use Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I create custom clothes, and signage under a "local brand" type vibe, for me SEO and adwords seams like a waste of time as nobody is going to be google searching my products because theyve never heard of them.  I have focused all of my efforts on social media, mostly twitter, which I feal is dying.  Im trying to get more into instagram, and snapchat because thats where an ad doesnt really seem like an ad.  Im curious what types of 3rd party softwares you guys use to grow your followers, or schedule posts.  I have a system inplace for twitter but have no idea where to begin with the others.

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Hey, Ryan!

Savannah here from the Shopify Guru Team. 

I can definitely attest to the fact that growing a social media audience can be super time consuming, so automation can be a very useful tool as your business scales. The strategy I've used with my own business is two-fold: 

  • I started with a growth tool to like and interact with followers (and potential followers) on my behalf. Personally, I went with Archie likes content from targeted users and hashtags on Instagram and Twitter on your behalf and I noticed a real bump in traffic and followers after I started using it. I've also heard great things about Instagress
  • After I had the growth portion down, I looked into a tool to automate content. Buffer works with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to schedule your content for peak times. It also has a super awesome analytics section so that you can track the popularity of your posts and adjust your strategies accordingly. Hootsuite will also do the trick! 

It seems like you're interested in taking your social media to the next level so I'd also recommend checking out 10+ Social Media Tools for Building Smarter Marketing Campaigns. I'm sure there are plenty of great marketing experts lurking on the forums that will also have some tips for you. Let me know if there's anything I can clarify!

Happy selling!

Savannah | Shopify Guru

Savannah | Shopify 
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Hi Ryan,

Yes! It is a very good idea to automate social media posting and save you precious hours. Moreover it takes time to design a good looking social media post, and to create 10 such on a daily basis would be really tedious. Unless you can hire designers... which adds to your expenses then.

Automate it with Free Trial, and then starts at $10/month.

How this helps:

  • First off, it covers all social media channels - Twitter, Fb, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr.
  • Next, it lets you set a posting schedule, like 2 posts daily across all channels for a month.
  • What's unique is - It places your products in designs you choose to make your social media posts eye-catching.
  • Messaging - You can add CTAs like "Buy Now" and "Shop Till You Drop" to your social media posts to drive conversions.
  • It helps you create occasion based posts, like for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day etc
  • It helps you schedule and push sales, and Daily Deals like 5% Off on a different product daily. Shopify itself does not allow you to do this.
  • If you do not want to offer sales, it helps you make and schedule engagement posts like "Tag a Friend Who'll Rock This Dress <insert dress image>", and "Quote of the Day".

But just posting is not enough. You need to get NEW people to see your posts right?

The app provides you with Instagram hashtags that will drive the maximum no. of views to your post, such as top hashtags in the yoga category if you sell yogawear.

So much! A good place to begin is ... with Share a Poster tool.

Login on Sign up, Add Shop and Go!

Here is a sample social media post one can create:


Karan Jassar
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Hi Ryan

I looked at your site do you have a Instagram account? You don't have it with your other social media. I post to instagram many times a day and have been using a site called ulu social I went from 100 to 4000 followers in about 6 months and have seen an increase in my sales and traffic. Have a great day!!


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Hey Ryan,

I wouldn't dismiss adwords and SEO too quickly. Just because people aren't searching "haterade", you may still be able to find some profitable words around funny shirts, hater t shirt, or whatever you can find with some volume. I'm just throwing that out there because you never really know intent until you test it out.

Anyway, on to the social media questions...

Facebook- I personally have user buffer here (but that still isn't fully automated), but if I do any of them manually, it is this one because I run some ads here from time to time.

Twitter- I've used tweepi to automate following, and saw a good response.

Pinterest- I use geniuspin because it automates both pins and following, and you can set it and forget it.

Instagram and Snapchat- I'm the most clueless here, but have used buzzsumo to find what is popular and relevant to what I do, and then translate it to IG and snap. Not super scientific, but it helped. I've also just searched the most popular hashtags to make sure I'm including the most popular relevant ones (but going to try Archie thanks to Savannah).

Good luck, and hope this helps!

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Hey! When comes to third-party tools, I use the tool Followeraudit.

The reason I use it because it provides me with various different features and I don't need to look for another tool.

Also, it has affordable pricing.

Features of followeraudit - 

  1. Check fake followers -  Identify fake followers of any public Twitter account, The audit report will represent the percentage and number of fake and real followers and also the list of all those fake followers.
  2. Block fake followers - Get rid of fake and spam followers from your own account with just a click from the dashboard.
  3. Track Twitter followers -  Track your or any public twiter account's followers growth rate.
  4. Track unfollowers - Get real time alerts whenever someone unfollows you.
  5. Detailed followers analytics - Get detailed followers analytics of your or any other public Twitter account.