Automate writing product description to write 10 product page in less than 1 hour (using ChatGPT)

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I feel like most Shopify merchants are missing out on ChatGPT - it's like your ultra-capable teammate who can help you work faster and write better. I recently used ChatGPT to automate writing product description and the results was insane.


I'll leave the link to the scripts I used below, but here are a few tips I learned after trying out over 500+ prompts in the past 4 weeks. Just want to share:

  1. You'd need to be really really specific. Now I use ChatGPT like how I talk to my marketing assistant. Prompts like "Write me a high-converting email" are useless af.

  2. Prompts are fairly useless - mostly because it lacks instruction and context, so prompts function no more effectively than Google Search.

  3. Give it frameworks first. I found that if you give it a framework ("I'll need you to learn this X framework and then do Y. Tell me when you're ready for the framework", then you'll give it the framework, and ask it to use the framework to write blog/landingpage), ChatGPT will be extremely powerful. Take me less than 20min (+ editing) to make a blog post.

If you're interested, here's the scripts (which are just a collection of prompts in a designed order anyway) I've been using to automate writing product description/landing page for me. 

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No wonder, AI is making a big difference! 

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I got your ebook for a few dollars.


The idea of training the AI for clearer prompts is great.

What is unnecessary that you do is treat it like a conversation, or rather, prepare it for what you're about to say. Just say it. For example... "Are you ready for the topic, the incentive, and the 30 different approaches"... Just give the following command that you have.

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Hey Josh, 


Thank you a lot for your feedback. Really appreciate it. 


Yeah you're right it could have been shorter. I'll probably update it in the next iteration of the ebook 0 will keep you updated!