Automated Cooperation Pages for Influencers

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does any of you use automated cooperation pages?


So that people, for example, are shown in an ad "Become an influencer for our brand". For example, using the "swipe up" function on Instagram will take you to a page where you can apply for Influencer cooperation with name, Instagram account, email address. Once you have registered, you will receive a discount code with which you can buy in the shop and then advertise for the item, etc.


Can anyone recommend a site or give tips on how to do this?


Best regards,

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Hi Laura, 


Sounds like what you are describing is the Refersion app. It's pretty good for affiliate management. It will help you have a sign up page, as well as assigning the discount code to each affiliate and managing their referrals. 


However, I would warn against an ad for "Become an influencer," as this won't drive qualified leads to your store. It is really hard in Facebook and Instagram advertising to find influencers that can really promote your product well unless you have a lot of data to help your targeting. I would recommend installing the Carro app and seeing what influencers already follow your brand or have purchased your products. These influencers will be much more authentic in recommending your product and already have a relationship with your brand. Carro is free to use, so you can even just install it so that when a new influencer interacts with your brand, you'll be instantly notified. Carro is a great way to capitalize on the traffic already going to your site, subscribing to your email list, and following you on social. 


Good luck!