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Hey all,


I'm trying to find a way to have a specific email sent automatically when someone clicks a "Subscribe" button on my Shopify page. I've copied the Subscribe to newsletter button which was already made by Shopify, but how would I have a personalized email sent automatically when they hit this button?


I've tried numerous email apps but frankly they are not working well.


If anyone has a clue to what I can do, it'll be much appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Arianasupp,


You can see all the email templates you can customize within Shopify here:


Admin > Settings > Notifications


Shopify has control over the emails. Unless that app actually sends emails using a mail server and mail transfer agent it's just modifying existing templates. 


The app just simply has to send an email once a customer is created using Admin API and Webhooks. When you submit a newsletter form that's what happens a customer is created but without a password and no invitation sent. The merchant receives an email from Shopify that someones has filled out that form. You can customize the account invite email but still you would be manually sending the invite. We can build you a custom app that provides the custom news letter form and handling the emails along with full control of the email content. The emails would be sent outside of Shopify on behalf of your domain.


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Dear Arianasupp,


Try klaviyo

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the trigger for the Email are events like customer created, Products cancels, 1st purchase, customer cleared, etc.
which all the predefined. the only way to trigger an email through a click of a button from store front. by visitor himself is via custom app. 
for more details please contact.