Automatic discount - anyway to have the free items pre-added to the cart?

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Hello there, hope you are doing good and you understand my concern.

I'd love to remarket my shopify store with a sale:


When someone adds product X to the cart, they get product Y and Z for free (automatic discount applied).

The thing is, they have to add all of the three items to the cart first before the discount will be applied and they see that they get the two items for free (a little bit confusing for the customer)


Is there anway way that the two "free" items are already in the cart when they visit the store and they only have to add product X so the discountwill be applied? It will confuse the visitors and its quite annoying for them to browse through the store and add all 3 itmes to the cart -> conversion drops.


Thank you for any help or other suggestions!





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