automatic discount for newsletter subscription (checkbox) in checkout

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We can only send newsletter emails to customers if they check the newsletter checkbox in the checkout. Very few customers do.


It would be fantastic to connect an automatic discount with this checkbox to incentivize customers to subscribe.


The message would be: subscribe to our newsletter and get 5% off this order. 


The discount will apply immediately, and no further action is required. 


Is it possible to do something like this with an app or a customization?

Thanks for any feedback!



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Your email service prover should be able to handle this. If you don’t have one, then you could just use Shopify Email.


Then just add a discount code to your welcome email so everyone who joins your email list gets it. 10% is the usual discount. 

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it does not answer my question.

I understand that I can ask people to subscribe with a popup or a subscription form and send them a discount code.

I would like to have the discount applied at the moment when people tick the tickbox for the newsletter in the checkout before they purchase. That is a totally different thing and would be a much smaller hurdle.


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Hi Bernd3, I am not sure if this will solve your problem. Perhaps you can try adding the subscription question as part of a post-purchase survey? You can try Gojiberry Survey & Feedback, there's a function to add either a coupon or loyalty point reward for answering survey questions. Hope this helps! 

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If you are on the Plus plan, you can customize your checkout with apps. This would allow you to add a discount message next to the subscribe checkbox, or place that message on the post-purchase page. But I don't believe there's a way to do it if you're not on Plus.

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You'll need some JavaScript on your page that uses the AJAX Cart API to automatically apply a discount once the form is submitted.