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Average length of stay question

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Hello everyone,


I have a question that really hunts me. 


So I am running FB ads and my average length of stay on my page is less than 20 seconds.

I run a single product page and in my ads, I send the customer directly to the product page, not on the home page (that's another question, is it better to send them on the product page, or on the home page?)


I checked the product page loading speed, and is kind of low - around 32. My question comes here - What if a customer clicks on my ad, the page is loading slow and he just close it without reaching the site? Is it countable as a "link click" on facebook ads reports? Or it must reach the page and then it counts as a click? 




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Definitely send people to the product page and not the homepage.


Facebook will count that as a link click, no matter if they waited for the page to load or not.

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Do you know why it's loading slow? Is it your theme in general, or images taking a long time?


You can use something like to optimize your images, and you may want to resize them as well.


Like Stefan said, FB (and any other ad channels) will definitely count that as a click, so you want to make sure you get your money's worth!

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Dear nmadrian,


Please find the below answer.


1. Send them to Product page and put more valuable information

2. Once ads click then it counts as click


It is better to improve your loading speed. Please share your url here to analysis the problem, or contact here:

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Hi there,

Could you tell me how you are able to see the average duration of a session on your website?
I am currently running a campaign and I can see the number of clicks on my Ads Manager, but it would be helpful to see how much time people are actually spending on my website.


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To actually answer your question, a link click as reported in Facebook Ads is captured in the columns "Unique Link Click", "Link Click", etc. These have no consideration for someone landing on your store.

What you can do is create two columns in ads manager that compares "Link Clicks" to "Landing Page Views". This second metric will tell you the number of people actually getting to your store.

I also suggest you create a custom metric that lets you know at a glance the quality of the link:

Name: Click Quality
Formula: Landing Page Views ÷ Link Clicks
Format: Percentage.
Who Can Access This? Everyone with access to this Business

This formula will let you know the quality of the click. I say if it's beneath 0.7 or close to it, you'd have a targeting, message, or slow website issue. But you can use better tools than Google's pagespeed insight tool to deduce this. gtmetrix is a good start.

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