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We've used the Back in Stock app by Yellow Robot for awhile now and are generally happy with it.  

However, we recently installed the Wishlist app by Mascot Software Tecnologies, and I've noticed some people are adding out of stock products to their wishlist, rather than signing up for a Back in Stock notification. (This probably being due to the fact that the "Add to Wishlist" button is right next to "Add to Cart" but the Back in Stock button pops up on the side of the page where some people don't even notice it.)

Is there an app that can do both a bit more elegantly?



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Hi Amanda,

Have you checked out the "Out Of Stock" app? I use that and it seems to work perfectly. Not sure exactly how your app is functioning but the "Out Of Stock" app seems to just completely replace the "add to cart" button with the "Pre-Order" and "Notify Me" buttons. 

I had someone make a pre-order about a week ago and it worked smoothly. 


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Hi MB, 

I've installed the out of stock and am having reall problems getting it to work prooperly and cutomer support has been pretty bad so far. Any chance you can let me know if this is still working great for you? I've had a few orders placed on Pre-order though nothing is showing in the Pre-Orders or Subscribers section. Does this feature work for you? Does the email & text message notififations also work?

Sorry about all teb questions, though i'v had no luck getting any asnwers from the developers and would love to know wheather its worth persuing?



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I am looking for a similar app. The only app I have been able to find that does both is growave:

Perhaps there are other apps, but this is all I could find as of right now.