BANNED both - facebook ad account and google merchant center account.... how to do business???

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hi community,

I started new shopify store on BEAUTY products a day back....and while doing sales channel setup, facebook thought (!) that it is some suspicious activity and within few minutes it gets BANNED....

Google gave NO REASONS / details and BANNED by GMC account...only below lines

" Misrepresentation Google doesn't want users to feel misled by the content promoted in Shopping ads."

I had business contact / email address etc everything setup.... but still they banned (ironically GOOGLE / Facebook dont have their phone numbers / email accounts on support web page but their business is running)....

so guys please help me... if i need to CANCEL SHOPIFY Subscription or do something else for advertising / campaigns? 


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Well if two big channels ban you, that should give you a signal that whatever you are doing is not allowed.

As you are asking to close down Shopify account or not, it seems to be, based on this quote is that you are dropshipping.

The common issue with drop shippers is lack of care, no business goal other than trying to do everything simple and easy.

If you compare yourself with a long-running business, try to find out what they do, that you don't do.

Also make sure you comply with all policies.

Drop Shipping is allowed on Google Shopping, however, you need to be a trustworthy business.

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have you ever tried a Facebook agency ad account? They're the most solid ones since they're under manual review and licensed by Facebook. Also, usually, the agency has its own FB representative who helps with different issues. I am running Facebook ads with agency accounts only, no hassle with bans, no spending limits. My monthly spend for ads is $200k-300k. Bans are not an issue anymore, you can get banned but then get another fb account for free, they are unlimited 

Let me know if you need more details. My te legram is: cassshy 

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I am experiencing the SAME ISSUE. New to Shopify - have all my products entered (Im a reseller) and tried connecting Google and Facebook. Google banned me for MISREPRESENTATION (didnt even successfully list one product on google!) and now Facebook has banned me for violating COMMUNITY STANDARDS-  for attempting to connect marketplace to my FB shop. My small business is DOOMED and all three of these companies could CARE LESS!  Good luck trying to get anything resolved if you can even find a way to contact a human. So welcome to the 21st century where you have to read pages upon pages of documentation to try and find answer to one simple question and customer support is NON EXISTANT when there's an issue. They'd rather block you than help you.