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Been using Ads for months now but still no SALES! NEED HELP

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I have a watch store called Webster Watches, it's been open since January now. We basically sell new watch brands from around the world, all in one store. I've been using Facebook ads, have been split testing a lot of watch interests (mainly watch brands). I'm getting traffic but no sales. Customers are adding to cart but not completing their purchase. I have abandoned cart emails set up but that ain't getting anyone back. Need help, I'm not giving up because I know this can go far but need advice on who to target for this niche. Feel free to have a look at the store and let me know if anything needs changing. 

Any advice would be great 


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Having taken a quick look at your site, I noticed a couple of things.

The currency converter doesn't appear to be working. When I try to click to see USD prices, everything remains in GBP. 

It takes some searching to find your shipping policy/information. I'd recommend naming this Shipping instead of Delivery, and maybe having an FAQ type of option at the top of your page instead of at the very bottom, where's it's also mixed in with a lot of other footer options. 

Lastly, it might just be that the prices are out of their range (so you very well might be targeting the wrong demographic). There are other name brands such as FOSSIL who offer watches at a slightly lower price point, and then often at steep discounts. Potential customers might be having some sticker shock, or it might be that they need to save up for the purchase. How often are you sending out abandoned cart emails? Do you have a third interval set up for a bit longer after the more immediate first and second?

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Thank you for your feedback. 

I'll work on getting the currency converter fixed, and also I'll make the changed to the pages as well

As for the targeting, I will have to re work the ads to fit a suitable demographic.

Also yes I send out automated abandoned cart emails, and have longer intervals set up along side the first one