Beginner here, am I reading data from my Facebook ads correctly?

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Hopefully this is the right place to ask.


Anyway, I'm trying a strategy I've seen suggested by a few different people. Basically, you start with engagement ads to gauge interest in a product, then move too purchase ads.


Now I'm new to all this but my understanding is that a 1% engagement rate is considered fairly good, and you calculate your engagement rate by dividing your engagements by your impressions. 


However, when I do the math my engagement rate is about 19%. This seems too good to be true.


Are the results provided by Facebook accurate and this is really my engagement rate? Is there something else I should be looking at?

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That engagement rate is likely accurate.


The simplest way to think whether this could be accurate or not is if it seems you have roughly 19 engagements from every 100 impressions.


A key thing to consider though is that Facebook is likely considering every engagement (e.g. if 1 impression then Likes, Comments & Shares the post, this could count as 3 engagements) which may be while your figures could seem a little off.


Hope this helps!

Jamie @ Urban Feather
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My question was really whether or not Facebook's data was accurate, which I guess you answered.


It's now up to about 22% and I'm just shocked to see that. Is this typical or should I take this as an incredibly good sign?