Benefit of using Shopify integration of Facebook pixel.

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I had a query that I cant seem to find the answer to. What is the benefit, if any, of using the integrated Facebook app to install the Facebook pixel. The main menu says I should use the integrated method in order to maximize my utility of the Facebook pixel, what are some of the key perks?

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It takes seconds to do. It's accurate relative to any other setup. You can enable conversions API (CAPI) easily.

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Hello @AbdulBasit1,


The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code you can install on your website which helps to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns by monitoring the actions people take both on your site.

Creating a Facebook pixel is a great way to keep a pulse on your website visitors and know their behaviors and preferences. You can build custom audiences, remarket your ads, and have an overall measure of the effectiveness of your campaigns.

For more details, you can see this documentation.


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