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Benefits of a Facebook likes campaign

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Hello all, 

Is it significantly beneficial to run a Facebook likes campaign to get likes on my page? Is this a good investment of advertising funds?

I am trying to establish a brand selling golf polo shirts, I currently have 80 likes on my company's Facebook page (all of these are real likes meaning I have run adverts rather than just asking people from my personal contacts to like the page).

I am debating whether to invest the money to bring this up to 500+ but I want to be certain there is a tangible benefit in doing so. Otherwise the investment might be better served in a different marketing strategy? 

Thanks (we are a golf fashion startup)
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Hi Clark

Well, I think a little number of fans or likes won't be useful at all, of course, you can grow your page with time. Large numbers will make a difference such as 1 Million or more.

To reach that number 1 Million you have to work hard and provide useful content which can attract visitors to like your page and it will convert sales for sure.

You can Google for:

How to increase likes on my business facebook page

Thank you

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Hi Clark,

It's always good to have a lot of followers on your Facebook page as your posts get more eyeballs for free but if you can do a bit of manual labour (inviting people to like your page) then personally I would suggest you not spend any money to get likes for your Facebook Page. You can invest that money in running Facebook+ Instagram ads (Brand Awareness+ Retargeting). Also, some free advice - whenever Facebook asks you to boost a particular post, kindly ignore that. Though, it allows you select your audience but that doesn't really help. Instead go for Facebook Adverts and create audience for your ads.

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Yes, this is very important for your brand to increase facebook like.Not only facebook like you have to increase Instagram and twitter followers. 

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In my opinion, Facebook fans are a bit of a vanity metric. Yes, it can provide some credibility to have a decent following and you will technically reach some of these followers with organic posts. However, that will probably amount to only 10%  of your total followers at most - unless you are a viral marketing superstar (which you probably aren't).

To reach the remainder you will have to PAY Facebook. This sets up an interesting dynamic where you are promoting to get fans, which you will then have to pay Facebook even more $$$ to actually market to. So the more followers you have, the more it will cost you to reach them. If they are low-quality followers, as many are, this could essentially be the equivalent of trying to beat the house. At the end of the day, Facebook owns all your traffic, and they ain't giving it away for free. 

I would suggest using Facebook to drive new buyers directly to your site where you've set up a really strong Opt- in to get people who don't immediately purchase to join your email list: which you own. I describe the processes we use here:

Hope that helps!


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Hi Clark, In my opinion you should not spend money on the campaigns which are meant for getting more page likes. Its always good to have a business page with bigger number of liking and following because it gives you free traffic and interactions on your posts. But in the light of newly updated FB Edgerank its very tough to get engagement as hardly 10% of your followers see your updates (if you are not promoting by paying). 

So its better to work in organic way to get more likes on page and spend your money on ads. Make sure you are targeting right audience for your ads and don't forget to retarget them in campaigns. 

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