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Best Blogging Structure for SEO

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Are there any experts here who can advise on the below?

I recently started using Shopify and ran into a problem of not being able to customize the blog posts as much as I would like to. Without changing the code, it appears to be that you are very limited in terms of how you can organize and structure your blogging pages. 

I am currently considering the following two options as a solution:

Option #1: Use standard Shopify blogging structure and edit individual blog pages (created within Shopify blogging platform "Blog posts") within it using one of the Shopify Apps 

Option 2) Create new regular pages either within Shopify or using one of the Shopify Apps and make those regular pages your blog posts without touching the Shopify blogging platform

Are there any advantages of using one over the other in relation to the SEO (meta tags etc.)? 

Is there any other reason why someone would choose one option versus the other? 

To me personally, the second option appears to be easier to implement and use, but I am wondering if Shopify blogging platform is perhaps somehow optimized to be more SEO friendly, in which case it would be best to go with the secondoption. 

Any thoughts?



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Thanks for your tips.

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It was rather a question than a tip 🙂

Just edited my original post to reflect that better.