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Best Marketing Tips?

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My best marketing tip: Be more specific

Like - I want to focus on organic, paid acquisition via ads, my product niche is X so how to I reach my potential buyer.., Here's a specific issue I'm facing, how do I get past this buyer objection.. 


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Hey, there!


My name is Sunny from the Shopify Guru team and I would be happy to discuss my personal favorite marketing tips that I have found successful for myself and merchants alike. 


There are countless great and effective marketing strategies that any business can use but I'm sure many would agree that not one tip or strategy will work for everyone considering we all have different target markets, niches, locations, cultures and much more. So my best marketing tip would be to develop a marketing plan. A marketing plan is so important because without it, there is no structure or purpose. Implementing marketing strategies without a marketing plan is like building a house without a blueprint. If you take the time to map out your desired outcome and the necessary steps to achieve it, you're more likely to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently and a marketing plan helps you do just that. A well executed marketing plan will have a much stronger marketing impact and potentially save you lots of money. 


Creating a marking plan is no easy feat. It requires time, effort, resources, creative thinking and collaboration. You will essentially need to break down your business and figure out what is your purpose. It's important to recognize your ideal customer, mission statement, aesthetic, brand, etc. because that will be the consistent driving force in each marketing medium you decide to tackle. Another important factor is to also create and understand what your marketing goals are. Defining these goals will make it easier for you to find the right marketing tactics that will work best for your business at different parts of your selling cycle. We have this really amazing help doc that explains how to develop a marketing plan from start to finish. It will help get the creative juices flowing and you should find yourself leaning towards ideas that will work best to reach your customers. 


If I had to share my top 3 favorite and most effective marketing tips they would be:


  1. Focus on social media branding, growth and organic content
  2. Email marketing
  3. Referral marketing


I'm curious to know what strategies you've tried out so far, if any. I would love to hear what has worked or hasn't, and maybe we can dissect it to see what went wrong and what could be improved. If you would like any additional marketing advice or would like to chat further about marketing plans, do not hesitate to reply to this thread and I’ll be happy to provide additional guidance or walkthroughs based on your business needs.




Sunny | Shopify Guru

Sunny | Social Care @ Shopify
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Do you struggle with growing the revenue of your eCommerce business? Suggesting you some tips for eCommerce marketing: -

1) Grow your Email List

2) Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

3) Up-sell and Cross-Sell your Products

4) Send Behavior-Targeted Emails

5) Generate more Product Reviews

6) Personalize your Marketing

7) Implement a Loyalty Program

😎 Optimize for Mobile

9) Offer Free Shipping

10) Offer Great Customer Support

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The best way to market your product or service is first to understand consumer psychology. What they want and what are their expectations then formulate a plan accordingly. Because once you know the demand then you and meet the supply end.

1. Be specific to your target audience

2. Use every channel of communication to communicate with audience

3. Provide them with the value so that they become loyal to your business

4. Keep doing the necessary changes everytime and dont forget to check the insights 

5. Read the data thoroughly

6. Motivate your customers to buy your product

7. Be agressive with content marketing

8. Cross sharing and build a goodwill in the market

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There are great tips in the responses. Online marketing is definitely a good way to promote awareness and traffic. But direct in-mail marketing is more effective in some cases to build customers and sales. If you want to consider this and add to your marketing channels, you may check this post.  


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find your audience

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1. Be specific to your target audience

2. Social marketing

3. Email marketing