Best practice for Google Ads Tracking to avoid duplication

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I have followed Shopify's instructions for adding Google Ads conversion tracking. As I am using Shopify's Google channel, I am not clear what I should do to avoid duplications.

In Shopify > Google > Google Ads Accounts, I see the following warning:

Your Google Ads Account might have multiple conversion actions. We put a conversion action into your Google Ads account to track orders and revenue. If you use more than one action in your conversion tracking, your orders and revenue might be counted twice. Confirm the conversion settings in your Google Ads account
before you dismiss this message.

What's the best practice? Should I proactively somehow edit the tags; or change the existing Google Ads purchase action so it is not counted as a conversion?


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Hi danielbaer

Google Ads Conversion is counted when a customer makes a purchase through your website, however if your don't have multiple purchase action. I will suggest you edit the tags.

If the problem persists I would suggest I do a Audit of your Google ads conversion tracking.