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Best practices for coupon names/codes?

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Over the last few months I've published a few coupon codes.  After doing so, I've wondered if the name/code I chose might be sending the wrong message.  Internet searches for coupon best practices gives me information on how to use coupons, where to position them on my site, how to market them, etc, but I have not found any information about good and bad names. 

Here's an example:

To try to boost sales of dog toys, I started a "Destroy-A-Toy Challenge".  If someone posts a picture of their dog with a ruined toy on my Facebook page, I send them a coupon for 10% off a new toy.  I made the coupon "ToyDestroyer" and my thinking was that it was sort of proud, like "I'm a toy destroyer, gimmee more!"  But then when I emailed the code to someone it occurred to me that it can also sound somewhat accusatory/shaming.  Uh oh.

So what are best practices for that, if there are any?  I could use the code generator of course, but I figure those would be hard for customers to remember or type correctly.  I also like to name them so that it gives me a hint about where the customer came from, sort of like a referral code.  What do you all do?

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Hi Sharon 

Leon from the community here ..

Yes this is another common mistake when putting together a marketing campaign

Don’t get to clever with wording or use an English  MBA to attracted attention asyou will be very supersized that the most simplest catchy headline could work best in this market place even when words are misspelt.

  1. Focus on your target audience and be transparent as much as possible with wording to have them to click and take action
  2. Try to use words with the end user in mind so they can remember if they get distracted by another offers.
  3. If doubt contact a Marketing expert that can look at the whole sales funnel an strategize with you for a better approach.
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Hi Sharon,

I agree that it is best to keep the names as simple and memorable as possible. I have seen many customers who prefer to just use a basic structure ie) The % of the sale + The Name of the Product(s) on sale.   ie) "20%offTophats".   Or in some cases they just might name it after the over all store sale name.  ie) "Summersale2016".  It is your call but I wanted to share what I had seen here at Shopify! 🙂



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Matt, that's what I've been doing so far, so good.  I'm thinking of setting up a bunch of non-expiring coupons to use for abandoned carts.  For example, if the cart total is $37.50, send the shopper a coupon saying that if they bring the cart total up to $40 or $45 they can take 10% off the total.  (Or is this a bad idea?)

So if I do that, the coupon names might be something like SHOPREWARD40, SHOPREWARD45, SHOPREWARD50, etc.  (I'd send the abandoned cart user the one most appropriate to their cart, of course.)

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Best practices for coupon names/codes:

  • Firstly focus on the design of the coupons. Make them attractive.
  • Always provide an expiry date for coupons.
  • Use a clear and concise message in coupons.
  • Don’t forget to add the call to action.
  • Always add a trackable code.
  • Use attractive names for the offers.