Best Practices for Product Base Price + Options Apps Addon Pricing

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Do you think it is wise to have my base price for a product set to $0 in shopify then add all pricing inside my Globo options app?
If my products are shared in a google shopping feed, won't it also display price of ZERO or does it pull numbers from the Globo options form as well?
Is it wiser to ALWAYS have a base product price in shopify, for example $49, then enter in Add-On prices only inside my globo option app?
Please advice best practices here before I get too far in my form development.

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Hi @printpeppermint,


Have you reached out to the Globo team for assistance with your issues? If not, I would like to offer my suggestions:

  1. If you set the base price of your product to $0 in Shopify and rely solely on the Globo options app to display pricing, there is a possibility that the Google Shopping feed may also display the price as $0. This can lead to confusion for potential customers and may not accurately represent the value of your products.

  2. Setting a base price for your product in Shopify is generally recommended to provide transparency to customers. When they see a product listed with a specific price, they expect that to be the base price. Additional pricing options through the Globo options app can be used to offer add-ons or customization, but the base price should still be visible.

  3. Having a base price in Shopify allows your products to be easily compared with competitors' products. If your base price is set at $0, it may give the impression that your products are free or significantly cheaper than they actually are. This could impact customers' perceptions and potentially affect your store's competitiveness.

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