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Best product setup for SEO

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Hi guys, 


I have a question regarding SEO for my store. 


We are currently selling vintage posters and are growing fast which is great! Now we want to add canvas prints for our vintage art collection to our site as well.


We are currently evaluating two options:


1. Having both Posters and Canvas on the same product as variants


2. Having separate products for posters and canvas prints


Naturally, we want to SEO-optimize for both posters and canvas prints and are wondering if having information for both posters and canvas on the same product page and the search engine listing preview has a negative impact on SEO? Would it be better to have separate products that has information for each type of print instead?


Looking forward to your input! 



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Hi @hannahedin

Having separate products that have information for each type of print is a better option from my experience. 

The reason is people searching for Canvas and Poster might have different search intents, and have different things in mind. Take a look at these data from Ahrefs

For Art Canvas, the search volume is 5700 in the US.  


And for Art poster, the search volume is only 800. 

Screenshot (10).png

Plus, by having separate product types, you can look into how people search for your products and layout a more focused SEO Strategy in the future. 

Let me know if my answer is of any help, with a thumb up or like 😄 


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Hi @hannahedin,

I happy to hear that your store is growing! Great job!

Regarding your question, if you want to optimize for both posters and canvas prints, I would definitrly choose the second option — separate products for canvas and posters prints.

You will have separate product pages, can write unique content, titles, meta descriptions, use relevant keywords, sharing the product pages will be more relevant, traffic will be more relevant, and else…

But be prepared to have enough time to set up the separate product pages, to write unique content, and else. 🙂

Hope this helps!


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