Best Solution for tell Users to Change Password?

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Im about to move my 500 Client Database from Woocomerce to Shopify - Im aware that the User Passwords are not able to migrate to Shopify.

What would ou say would be the best solution or the best way to tell people that they need to change their password? (Since their old ones dont work anymore?)

Email them all to just tell them? 

Email them with the topic "We care about your safety - Change your password now"?

Any ideas maybe? So the User doesnt know we just moved our Backend and lost their passwords? 

Excited to see Shopify in action soon and hope for good ideas from the Community 🙂 

Best regards!

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Hi, @Xedo1988!

Welcome to Shopify. My name is Olivia and I work here.

We are excited to have you join the Shopify family. I did some research for you, and I found this related forum thread with merchants experiencing a similar migration concern. The last answer was of particular interest to me, as they mention how they handle migration from WooCommerce to Shopify and the ability to mass email customers their unique activation links. Are you using an app to migrate your account

To answer your question specifically, I would recommend that you connect with your customers via email to let them know of the required password update. Just having that heads up in their inbox will save you a tonne of support debt for returning customers on the new website. Along the same lines, I would create the email subject to be something that draws attention and emphasizes action: i.e. Password update is required. 

From personal experience and as a buyer, I would be a little wary on mentioning safety as that can cause more concern. We definitely don't want your customers to feel any of their information was compromised, and refraining from mentioning this can also avoid an influx of customer queries.

I'm also curious to hear from other business owners on their perspective and how they handled migrating customer accounts, so I invite them to join our conversation!

Thank you for trusting Shopify with your business.

Warm regards,

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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